Monday, November 29, 2010

Mom approved....

As some of you may know..My daughter's hair is....well...CRAZY!!

She has some of the longest, thickest, craziest hair I have ever seen on a 3 year old....
I used to dread bathtime, knowing that I would have to fight with her to brush her was a battle...
she has the kind of hair that you can brush it and get all the tangles/knots out and as soon as her hair moves, it's full of tangles again....ugh...horrible...I resorted to putting her hair up in a bun all the time, just so we wouldn't have to fight with it every 10 mins...but then, I was like, If I'm just going to keep it up constantly, I might as well cut it off....NO NO NO!! I am not cutting my babies beautiful hair...everyone would KILL me!! haha (to get a idea on how long her hair is, we can tuck her hair into her

So we were at wal-mart  Saturday, in the shampoo Isle, getting me some shampoo/conditioner(because my husband just LOVES to use all of mine..grr) and I spotted the kids Suave section...I read over all the claims etc, and thought I would give it a try...

We bought the Suave 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner in Wild Watermelon(which smells like heaven!) (pic below)

When I first used this, I could tell a difference RIGHT AWAY!! It made her hair so soft and smooth...I used to use baby shampoo(Johnson&Johnson) and it would leave her hair feeling dry and brittle....but this was totally different!! Just the way it lathered and was awesome!! (i'm kinda jealous..haha) I give this product at 10 out of 10!! It did everything it said..and MORE!! The smell is..well..amazing!! Just like watermelon...yumnm...Seriously want to eat it..haha

Then we bought, the Suave(for kids) Detangling spray..Double dutch apple is the scent..and it smells just like a sour green apple...yummo!!

This is what the bottle says... "Suave Kids Detangling Spray tames the toughest knots, bed-head and flyaways for less that the more expensive brands. This effective formula takes the trouble out of combing and enhances hair's natural softness and shine."

Okay, I read this and HAD to get it....My daughter's hair will be the perfect test!! I could not wait to get home and try this out!!
My thoughts: I love it!!! It does exactly as it says....I doesn't get rid of ALL the tangles, but I doubt any product will do that...I made hair brushing much much easier!! She still cried and said it hurt, but I know it really didn't...I can tell when I am brushing through a tangle...and I wasn't..haha

I love both of these products...They are cheap( $2.00 each I believe) they do what they are supposed to..I am in love with them, and won't use anything else on her hair!! :)

And for a pic of her hair....

Please, Please, PLEASE don't look at my messy living room!! It's a wreck!! haha but this is my baby girls look thin in the pic, but it's soooooooo not!! I wish you guys could just reach in the pic and feel how thick and soft her hair is...You would fall in love!! :)

So yeah, this is my "review" on these products!! I love them!! and I love her ^^^^^^ :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

12 week pic.....

I forgot to add this to my 12 week post...oppsie...:/

It looks like fat hanging over my belly...(beer but it's def not...I didn't have any of this 12 weeks ago!! :) Really Wishing I would start "looking" pregnant...instead of just looking like I need to hit the

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What am I thankful for?

I wanted to go ahead and wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving!!! I know I won't be around my computer tomorrow...

So what am I thankful for?
  1. I am thankful for a loving husband, who loves me for me and doesn't try to change me...He loves me more than anything...I sometimes take for granted our love and what we have...But I am one lucky woman!! 
  2.  I am thankful for my children...I thank God everyday for my babies...Haeleigh, she made me a mother, she is so beautiful, so smart, and perfectly healthy.....My June-bug, he/she isn't here yet, but I'm so thankful I have gotten where I am with him/her...I can't wait to hold both my babies in my arms....'Dear Lord, thank you for my babies...'
  3. I am thankful for my family...I have a great family...I am a complete daddy's daddy means everything to me..Me and my dad are just alike, which sucks sometimes, we butt heads ALOT..But I love him with everything I have...He is an awesome dad and a awesome Paw-Paw...I couldn't ask for a better one...My mom...We have had our ups and downs..not really a close relationship there...but I am thankful for her...without her, I would not exist...without her, I would not of had alot of the things I had...she is a awesome grandmother to her grandkids....and everyone else in my HUGE family...I am so thankful for everyone...I would not be the person I am today without these people...they are my rock, my shoulder to cry on, my friends....I love my family so very much!!
  4. My life...I am healthy, I am happy, I am alive...This has to be the number one thing I am most thankful for...I wake up everyday...and just thank God that I am healthy and alive! But, yes, I sometimes take for granted that I am healthy...but I believe everyone does...But I am truly thankful...
  5. My job...I love being a stay-at-home mom...It is the best job in the world...I am so thankful that my husband has allowed me to live my dream...yes, it's hard with only one income...really hard...but to be honest, I would rather be broke and a stay at home mom than be rich and have someone basically raise my child...and we are BROKE but God will see us through, and I'm so thankful for everything God has given me..I might not go to church...but I do believe in God...and I am thankful in every single way...for everything in my life, even the bad, because I know, it will make me a better daughter, sister, wife and mother... :)

12 weeks!!!

I am 12 weeks today!! woo hoo!!!

One more week until I officially am in the 2nd Trimester!! (some ppl say 13 wks some say 14) I'm just going to say 13!! :D

I honestly cannot believe I am at 12 weeks already!! the past 4 weeks have FLOWN by!!

Just to think...8 more weeks and I find out if I'm having a baby boy or a baby girl!! yippie :)

Morning sickness is still pretty bad..ugh..I HAVE to eat something every 30 mins...if I do that, I feel okay...but eating something every 30 mins gets annoying...I mean..really annoying..

My boobs are back to being really sore again...I found this out yesterday when my baby girl gave me a BIG HUG....ouch!! and this might me TMI, but I have these bright blue veins showing on my bobbies looks rather odd..haha

Also having ligament pains again....everytime I sneeze, cough, laugh, move quickly, I get these sharp pains around my lower abdomen...I'm pretty positive it's my uterus growing and stretching...but still kinda freaks me out....

That's pretty much all for week 12!!
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)
Love, TashaK <3

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!

I'M 22!!! haha :)

Had a GREAT birthday today!! I felt nauseated ALL day but oh well...

  Went maternity clothes shopping today....and omgosh!! That stuff is expensive!! geeze...

I got 2 pair of maternity Jeans and 2 long sleeve shirts for $81.00!! I was like holy crap!! haha...
That might not be expensive to anyone else, but us country folk.(lmao) thinks thats insane!! haha

But I found my current addiction.....yupp yupp....SPREE hard candies...omg!! (I don't know if you know what I'm talking about..) but they are the BOMB! (my dad had a box in his truck...and I stole em!! haha)

I hope you all had a wonderful day!! I know I sure did!! :)

God Bless you all!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

We picked bedding!!

We picked our bedding for the little one....

My husband picked out the boys...(he is a baseball player, so sports was a MUST..ha)

This is the NoJo My little MVP 6-piece bedding set...
It comes with:
Fitted Sheet
Dust Ruffle
Diaper Stacker...
It's $189.99...which is kinda steep(my opinion) but the hubbs said he doesn't

And I picked out the Girls room...(As soon as I seen it I fell in love with it!! I love ladybugs..FACT:My first tattoo was a ladybug..hehe)

This is the NoJo Ladybug Lullaby 6 piece crib bedding set...
It comes with:
Fitted Sheet
Fitted Sheet
Diaper Stacker...This one is $179.99...

So yepp these are our choices.....

Link to the My Little MVP Collection:

Link to the Ladybug Lullaby Collection:

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pregnancy Survey...

Are you still with him? YES..
Were you trying to get pregnant? YES..
When did you find out? SEPTEMBER 25TH 2010
Where did you find out? MY BATHROOM..LOL
How far along were you? 4 WEEKS
Who was the first person you told? MY HUBBY
How did you tell the father? I SAID "I'M PREGNANT" 
What was his reaction? SO EXCITED!.

When is your due date? JUNE 8TH 2011...(BUT I WILL HAVE BABY JUNE 1ST)
Did you have any morning sickness? YES! FROM 7 WEEKS AND STILL GOING STRONG...(11 WEEKS)
What are you most happy about? TO SEE MY BABY, AND JUST BEING A FAMILY OF 4!
What did the father want boy or girl? BOY
Do you know what your haveing? WE WILL FIND OUT JANUARY 19TH!
Do you have a name picked out? GIRL- ISABELLA BROOKE BOY-RYLAN MICHAEL
How much weight have you gained? NONE, LOST 4 LBS
Have you felt the baby move? NOPE..

Are you keeping the baby? WELL, UH, DUH..
Do you plan on a natural or medicated birth? WELL MEDICATED CONSIDERING I HAVE TO HAVE A C-SECTION..
Are you scared about labor? NO
What do you think will be the worst part of labor? I DONNO...PAIIN?
Have you taken any classes? NOT YET.
Who will be in the delivery room? WILLIAM
Are you having the birth videotaped? MAYBE..
Do you think you will cry when you see the baby for the first time?OF COURSE
What do you think the fathers reaction to the baby will be? HE WILL BE SO HAPPY!
How do you think family and friends will feel? BEYOND EXCITED!

Thanksgiving,Birthdays and morning sickness....

Hey beautiful ladies!! :)

So Monday(22nd) is my 22nd birthday!!  Oh yeah I'm turning 22 on the 22nd...haha Normally I am soo excited about my birthday...but this year...not so much...and I have no idea why...Maybe it's because I'll be 22...maybe it's because I know I'll feel like crap...who knows...BUT on the other hand...I am getting maternity clothes for my birthday...(which I'm so excited about) haha It's weird that I'm excited to buy "fat clothes"(not really "fat" but that's what I call them) but not excited about my birthday..

Thanksgiving is coming up..which is one of my favorite holiday's...Christmas is #1 :) BUT I'm dreading that also...Because I know I will feel all nauseated and not be able to eat any of the GREAT food...(dressing and cranberry sauce..omg my fav!!) I am also DREADING thanksgiving...We have to spend it with so much family...
#1-My mother-in-law and father-in-law and all of my husbands family..(who live next door)
#2-My dad and step-mother-who live 2 hours away..(long drive)
#3-My mom, stepdad,(who live 5 hours away and are driving up) and my brother and sister-in-law-who live an hour away..

It seems as if all we will be doing is driving on Thanksgiving(which will surely make my m/s worse....ugh..but you gotta do what ya gotta do...I guess...

I can't wait to see all my family though....Haven't seen them in a while(since I've been pregnant) that should be exciting :) 

RANDOM NOTE: Haeleigh is singing "I love you" the Barney song...haha so cute..when she is done singing, she bows and says "KANK YOU" haha soo freakin adorable.. :)


Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hey loves....

I'm sitting here watching Rugrats with my princess(has to be one of the best cartoons EVER!) And I am seriously bored out of my mind!! 

I just ate a chicken pot pie...yuk...but I'm trying different things to see if they agree with my tummy or not...I also took my Zophran...which seems not to work anymore...I have no idea why....The first 2 weeks it worked like a charm, but now it seems to make the sickness worse...Not to mention Zopharn are HELLA expensive...I got 6 pills which cost 173.00.....crazy right...yeah, I said 6 pills.AND they are the generic kind....Thank goodness my Insurance covered it...But I can only get 6 pills every month....yeah WTF? But I really have 12 doses, cause you have to take half a pill, but still....

I'm going to have to reschedule my doctors appointment tomorrow...which kinda sucks..but I was only going for them to check my urine to see if the anti-biotics were working for my UTI...I'm rescheduling because, I have a 3-year old that is deathly afraid of doctors offices....I honestly don't think I can deal with being sick on top of a screaming child...So I'm going to try to schedule it for a Wednesday..when my MIL is off work...It's so tough not having any family around that could watch her for a few hours...:/ I wish we had the money to put her in daycare..for purposes of her playing with kids and giving mommy a break...but I know that I would break down and cry when I dropped her off...

So yeah...thats my post for now....just a bunch of non-sense rambling.....

Talk to all you later! :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We have decided the NAMES!!!!

So after many many disagreements on names....we have finally chosen our picks!!

sooo excited!! 

RYLAN-RYE MEADOW(Haeleigh's means "HAY MEADOW"..thought it was a nice way to join their names..weird?)
MICHAEL-WHO IS LIKE GOD(My daddy's middle name...he only has grand-daughters and daughters, figured we would name his first boy in the family after him!)

ISABELLA-GOD'S PROMISE(love the meaning)

So yepp! Those are our names...I'm super excited for 9 weeks to find out wheter it will be a Rylan Michael or a Isabella Brooke :)

11 weeks....

Is sooo amazed at how quickly this pregnancy is going now....I'm already 11 weeks!!! WOW! 
I found out I was pregnant at 10dpo...which has it's pro's/con's......

pro's--Well, duh, I'M PREGNANT!! haha
Con's--It's way early, and I had constant worry if something was wrong...:/

But after my u/s when I was 9 weeks(when I seen my little bug's heartbeat) everything is going way quicker...I guess cause it put my mind at ease :) 

Symptoms at 11 weeks:
Morning Sickness is at it's worse...*sigh*
Light Cramping at night(uterus stretching)
sore sore boobies...they are easing up though..

On the plus side of things....My hair and fingernails are growing like crazy!! My nails have never been this long and strong...they used to grow fairly quickly, but they were really fragile and cracked very easily...

Pic at 11 weeks :)

Another good note: I have 9 weeks until I find out whether we are having a boy/girl!!! I'm soo excited...:))

Haeleigh has been hugging/kissing my belly....and she keeps calling it her "baby sisser" she's convinced it's a girl...haha it's sooo cute :) She is going to be the best big sister ever...I can't wait for her to meet her brother/sister....I already know I am going to cry my eyes out when I see them meet for the first time...shoot, I'm crying just thinking about

I am getting really nervous about the C-section.....I have no idea why...I mean, I've been through it before...I guess I'm nervous about going into labor before June 1st...It's very unlikely, but still nervous about it...:/

Well, as much as I am dreading it(cause of morning sickness) I have to go make my little princess some lunch...=)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is soo over it!!!

Dear Morning Sickness,

            Hi...It's Tasha...I have something I need to say to you....GO TO HELL!! 
                                                                      Thanks, Tasha

This morning sickness is seriously about to kill me....I can't eat, can't drink, I can't even think about eating or drinking...the doctors gave me anti-nausea pills, but they don't freakin work!! AHHHH!! I want to scream...I want to lay in bed ALL day and sleep, because if I am asleep, I am NOT sick...BUUTT, I can't do that..I have a 3 year old who counts/depends on me...Having to make her lunch is the hardest part of my day....I can't even walk in my kitchen with out spewing...I will be 11 weeks tomorrow and my morning sickness is at it's they say, "it gets worse before it gets better"...well I don't like it!! I just want to eat...and drink...and go 5 mins without feeling like I'm going to blow...I know, I know..It will be all worth it in the end, and yes it will, but that doesn't make me feel better right NOW!! 

I can't even stand the smell of my husband anymore...either his body wash, deodorant or colonge(or all 3) drives me CRAZY!! YUK YUK YUK!! His feelings are hurt cause I don't cuddle or hug him anymore...he just doesn't realize that I seriously...CAN'T...I know it will get better but he doesn't seem to think so...bless his heart...

As the saying goes..."I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.." 

But thank God my hubby is off today, because Northern Mississippi decided to get 18mllion inches of rain(not literally, but close) so he had lunch duty today...but I know I'll have it tomorrow..:( It makes me feel sooooo bad that I dread making my daughter lunch...:'(

But my rant is all over now...feels as if I'm going to be sick....ugh.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cribs...Cribs..and more Cribs!!!

Okay....well we have been looking at might be a little early? I donno...But buying baby stuff makes me HAPPY!! hehe

Crib Set #1...
Comes with Crib(Convertable)....Chest of drawers...Changing Table...and Hamper.. This is personally my Favorite out of the bunch!!

Crib Set #2
This one Comes with Crib, Changing Table, and 3 drawer dresser.....This one is " ehh okay" The only problem I have with it, is that dresser looks awfully small, plus not being any drawers in the Changing Table...maybe I'm just being too critical..?!?

Crib Set #3
This one, is my husband is in love with....(secretly, I think it's because the room is "blue" and he's hoping for a boy) haha But this one comes with Crib, Changing Table and 4 drawer dresser.'m torn...I still LOVE the 1st one...The hubby, not so much....jeeze, How hard is it to agree on a crib?! haha With our daughter, we had this is all new to us...haha

If you would like, comment and tell which one you like :)  All Cribs are found at Babies'R'Us.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stuff I needed to get off my chest....pointless really...but from the heart...

So my first miracle is 3 years 2 months and 3 days old today..(but who's counting?lol)

I swear to you, time is just flying by.....I get soo sad thinking about how she will be starting pre-school soon after the baby comes...**cries and screams "it's not fair"**. She is soo smart and beautiful...I am so blessed...I love that little girl more than anything in this whole world! She is my reason for wanting to see tomorrow and for remembering yesterday! I never thought I could love someone as much as I do my husband...but I do...The weird thing is...It's a love you can't can't put into words how much you love your child...there aren't enough words in the english language...I am just so anxious and excited to see what kind of person she grows up to be, and the decisions/choices she decides to make...whatever her choices, I will stand behind her 100%. I just want her to be happy..I want her to know that no matter what people say, never lose the real Haeleigh, God made "YOU" the way you were supposed to be...never lose touch with that...she has the most incredable personality, and the most awesome sense of humor...always trying to make somebody laugh...and I LOVE that about her...I just hope she doesn't feel the need to change herself for acceptance...esp during middle/high school...It is tough...It was hard on me and I know in the years to come it will get even harder...I just hope she stays true to herself, but if she does stray the path, rest assured mommy will be there to bring her back...

Me and my mother never had a great relationship....she always tried to be my "friend" instead of my mother....I really needed a mom...I mean I love my mom to death..but there were critical points in my life where I wished she would have stepped up to the plate and just been a mother..I had pleanty of friends, I only have 1 mother...I know she feels guilty about it now, and I forgive her for it, but a little part of me still holds a small grudge...I know I shouldn't but It's how I feel and I can't change that...Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying she was a "bad" mother..NO! she was a great mother, when she accually "was" one..

I want me and Haeleigh to have what me and my mom never had...I will be her "friend" to an extent...but when I need to be a mother, you better believe I'm gonna be her mother...I feel as if I wouldn't of done some of the stupid things I did when I was a kid, if she had been there to give me advice or questioned where I was going..instead of just letting me do whatever I wanted...

I do not regret my daughter one bit, but I didn't finish High School b/c I was pregnant and got married at 18...I don't want her to look back at that and think she "ruined" my fact she did quite the opposite...she gave me a reason to live...I may not have a diploma, or my later teenage years to do what I wanted, worry-free...but I have the best gift of all, and that is her. I don't regret anything in my past...because what has happened to me has made me into the person I am today...I have made my fair share of mistakes and I openly admit that...but like I said it has made me a stronger, better person, mother and wife...

I know this is just pointless rambling...but I felt as if I needed it off my chest...sorry if I bored the living out of you..haha :)

My 10 week belly!!

Sooo...10 weeks...soo excited!!

My belly a 10 weeks..(starting to pooch out there quite a bit..hehe)

Morning Sickness at 10 weeks...hmm..well..IT SUCKS!! I did get some anti-nausea meds when I went to the doctor...but to be honest, they dont help at all!! yuk! So i'm just dealing with it day by day and hoping it gets better soon!

1st Doctor Appointment!!

On November 5th I had my 1st doctor appointment!! :D


This is my little June-Bug at 9 weeks 2 days!!!

Heartbeat was 179bpm!!  How cute is that^^??? if you look closely, you can see a arm and little finders on the side of his/her head!! soo cute!! :) I am soo in love!!

I did get a Pap-smear...which **OUCH** hurt like a *****!!! And I also have a UTI(Urinary Tract Infection) I had a constant one with my daughter, so the doctor is thinking I will have the same with this pregnancy..yuk! So I have to take anti-biotics every day for the WHOLE pregnancy!! eek! But better safe than sorry huh?!?!

I got back to the doctor November 19th...just to be sure the anti-biotics are working!!
I will update you all then!!

Much love--TashaK!

*****UPDATE***** I forgot to mention..They scheduled my C-section for June 1st 2011!!

I have been M.I.A!!

Hey Loves!!

Sooo sorry I have been gone...Morning sickness has hit me harder than a mack truck doing 80!!

Hopefully I am now back in the swing of things!! Once again I'm soo sorry!!! More updates coming tonight...