Friday, January 20, 2012

LONG time no see?


AHHH!!! So here I am...once again... :)

So, the reason I havent made a single update you ask? well, I forgot my flippin password...and apparently I lost my mins when  filled out the security questions... ?!?!?! anywhoo, I'm back now!! yay!!! :)

So Rylan is now 7 months old!! ahh, can you believe it?? jeeze, time has flown by!! :(

He is crawling, sitting up, pulling himself to a standing position...he has 4 teeth..and he's just awesome(well, when he's not teething..) I HATE TEETHING...though, I can't imagine anyone who DOES...

So I am going to be adding in a BUNCH of pictures!! :):):) (in seperate posts)

Also, my daughter is now 4....what the crap?? I have a 4 year old... :( so depressing lol

Talk to you all soon! :) much love!!