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My labor story...(Haeleigh)

My labor and delivery story...(Haeleigh)
My due date was September 4th 2007...that day came and went!! I was scheduled to be induced on September 11th 2007.
The morning of September 10th, I woke up, and just felt different....I have no idea why, I just did...I went to use the restroom, and in my undies, was my mucus plug..GROSS!! Then I went and sat on the couch....That's when I noticed my belly getting very hard...It wasn't hurting...just tightning up...I knew exactly what it was!! So I screamed to my mom(which lived with me and my husband at the time) "MOM, I'M IN LABOR!!!" She came rushing into the living room, asking me a million and one questions...I couldn't answer any of her questions...I just KNEW I was in labor...So as we are sitting there my cat, Midnite, was all over me, would not leave me alone...(I think secretly he knew something was up)...So I sit there feeling my belly harden...and it starting getting uncomfortable...not hurting, just pressure...I finally told my mom, lets go the the hospital....
We get to the hospital(which is 45 mins from my house)...And they check me..I am 2 centimeters dialated, 50% effaced!! YIPPIE!! I was for sure, in labor!! So they send me home and tell me to come back when they got to be 5 mins apart...I DID not want to go home!! I just knew as soon as we got home, I would have to turn around and come back...I just knew it...
So my dad suggested, we get something to eat and just wait it out....So we went to Danver's and ate lunch....My contractions were getting REALLY bad at this point...about 8 mins apart..I could not eat anything...I WAS HURTING!!!
My husband was working in the same town that the hospital was in...He does construction...Well, it started to rain...which was awesome, because I knew he would be headed home...I knew we would now HAVE to go home to pick him up..(we only had 1 vehicle at the time, and I was in it...he rode to work with his dad)...So we all get to my house at the same time...I am sitting on the couch, waiting on my husband to get out of the shower, so we can once again, go the the hospital...While he is in the shower, my dad suggests that we go for a walk...I agreed..
We get about 100 feet down my driveway, and I am frozen in pain...All I can do is squat, hold my daddy's hand, and concentrate on a line of ants marching across the driveway...It was all I could look at to get my mind off of the pain...By this time, William is out of the shower and ready!! So off to the hospital we went...the last time, being a family of two!!
I get admitted into the hospital, they check me, I am 5 cm, 100% effaced...As soon as I got into the bed, I went to sleep (I sleep when I am in pain..weird I know..) So next thing I know, I am being awoke by the nurse telling me she was going to give me some Stadol(spelling?), She said it was for pain..So I agree...As soon as she squirted it into my IV, I felt warm and tingily..I was awesome...I fall asleep once again...
I woke up in sooo much pain...I was screaming for a epidural...So I finally get it!!! YES!! And of course...I'm off to sleep...AGAIN!!
Sometime after this...The doctor came in a broke my water (I don't remember any of this)...there was meconium in my fluid..Which is not not good!! She had a bowel movement inside of me, when she is born, they have to make sure to suck all of it out, before she takes her first breath...So they call the NICU team, and get them prepared for when we deliver..
Around 12:30pm on September 11th (24 hours in labor) I awake, from my sleep..In so much pain I can't even breathe...The nurses come running in asking me what kind of pain...Since I had a epidural, they thought it was pressure...NO! It was my contractions...My epidural was NOT working!! They kept trying to up the dose, NOTHING...I seriously have never been in so much pain in my entire LIFE!! (the line got kinked in my back)
By this time I was 9 cm..Almost ready to push!! So finally I have the urge to push...
I push..........No progress...I am not doing anything...So the doctor gets the suction out, it wont even fit...So he says the chilling words....EMERGENCY C-SECTION.....
They wheel me into the operating room, have be sit on my butt( which I could NOT do, I was contracting every 2 mins...and needed to push) So they finally get the Spinal tap in...And they lay me down...And guess what?!?!?! I WENT TO SLEEP!!! OMG!! REALLY? My daughter is about to be born...and I go to sleep?!?!? Who does that??? **raises hand** I DO!!!
So I wake up to the sounds of the NICU suctioning out her mouth and lungs...the I hear it....HER CRY!! It was the most beautiful sound in the whole entire world...With all of the noise going on in that poerating room, all I heard was my baby girl, crying...
They wrapped her up, and handed her to my husband....As I look to my right, I see the two loves of my life...and I realize how lucky of a woman I am...I am the happiest woman in the world...I reach over and rub her little cheek...she is beautiful!! They finally take her to get cleaned up, while, I go to recovery and my husband goes to greet our family...
My angel, Haeleigh Grace, born September 11th 2007 at 1:39pm weighing 6lbs 7oz 19 1/2 inches long!!!
3 days later, Friday, September 14th 2007, we went home to start our life as a family of three!!!
Hope you all enjoyed!!! :)


Hello Lovies,

              Ok..this post really isn't going to have a purpose...Just random talking....

    So I am VERY frustrated that none of my jeans fit me anymore....I mean really?!?! I'm only 4 weeks!!! ugh...I guess I will be wearing sweats until I have time to go maternity jean shopping! I'm really really excited about that!! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I DID NOT own 1 maternity item...for one, I was 18 and could not stand the fact of wearing maternity clothes...We also didn't have that much money to buy "clothes" that I would only wear for 9 months...I just stuck with oversized pajama's and my hubby's t-shirts...Looking back at it now, I looked like a total SLOB!! lol

I have been asked alot, "Boy or Girl?"...And my response always is....I don't care what I have, as long as it's healthy and happy.....BUT...I would really LOVE to have a boy, since I have a girl...But I honestly don't care...If I had a girl, I would have just about everything I need(clothes, carseat etc)...

Alot of people have also asked if I am going to get a 4D ultrasound....I won't be able to get one...My insurance does not cover 4D ultrasounds...(stupid I know)...The only way I would be able to get one is if the doctor, just "so happens" to give me one without letting the insurace company know( which would be a cold day in Hell)...I really want one...SO BAD...We just don't have the money to fork out $500 for a ultrasound...I hope I get at least 2 regualar ultrasounds...With my daughter I only got 20 weeks...:( I do have a VHS tape of her ultrasound though...I love watching it...Thinking about getting a VHS-DVD burner and transfer it to a DVD..

Another thing...I am soooooo emotional....It's insane!!! Me and my hubbs were watching "The Blind Side" last night( which is my favorite movie ever, mostly b/c we live 10 mins from and I was crying every 2 seconds!!! The actor who played Michael Oher just had the saddest looks on his face...It was heartbreaking...I should of known I would cry like a baby...I did when I first seen it...and I wasn't preggo then!!! lol Also, My daughter can say something and it sounds soo cute, I start tearing up!! lol My husband keeps saying" OMG you're soo pregnant Tasha.." LOL

My husband has been such a HUGE help latley!! He is currently washing dishes for me(I didn't even have to ask!!) He knows at the end of the day I am completley exhausted, dealing with Haeleigh and being tired for no reason...I love him so much, I have no idea what I would ever do without him...He is my best friend and my soulmate!! Yeah, sure, he has his flaws, but who doesn't?? I love the fact that he is not "perfect". He is a GREAT daddy and a WONDERFUL husband and friend...People critisize us for only knowing each other 10 months before we got married...But I knew he was "the one"...I was 18 he was 22...People find that hard to believe that people our age could know what love is...but I definatley know what it is...I LOVE YOU WILLIAM!! :)

Ok..So I know I have completley bored you guys to death...sorry :( I am just in a very very talkative

    I will talk to you all later....Have a great day loves!!

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Pregnancy Update: 4 weeks

Hey loves!!

So today I am 4 weeks 3 days pregnant...I went to the doctor Thursday to confirm..and YES I am indeed pregnant!! My Iron was good and blood pressure was a little high, but nothing to be concerned with yet(it was probably high cause I have a MEAN 3 year old!! lol) 
So far I don't have that many symptoms... breast tenderness has gone down ALOT!! No morning sickness(yet),  Burping ALOT. 

Also, my abdomen is really swollen, none of my pants fit me anymore...I haven't gained any weight....I read on a website that SOME women during their 2nd pregnancy that they swell and start to show way before they did with their 1st, this being because your uterus is already stretched and its getting prepared for the growing...I'm thinking that is what's going on with me...(or either I'm pregnant with like 10 But my belly just feels kinda feels like a water I mean yes, it could be water retention, bloating, expanding uterus...or ALL 3!! 

I go for my 1st prenatal appointment on November 5th!! I will be 9 weeks 2 days!! Hopefully I will get to see our peanut...I really hope they do a ultrasound!! Please pray that everything will go okay!

I will be posting pictures every week of my belly!! They will be separate posts titled the week it is!!