Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hello Lovies,

              Ok..this post really isn't going to have a purpose...Just random talking....

    So I am VERY frustrated that none of my jeans fit me anymore....I mean really?!?! I'm only 4 weeks!!! ugh...I guess I will be wearing sweats until I have time to go maternity jean shopping! I'm really really excited about that!! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I DID NOT own 1 maternity item...for one, I was 18 and could not stand the fact of wearing maternity clothes...We also didn't have that much money to buy "clothes" that I would only wear for 9 months...I just stuck with oversized pajama's and my hubby's t-shirts...Looking back at it now, I looked like a total SLOB!! lol

I have been asked alot, "Boy or Girl?"...And my response always is....I don't care what I have, as long as it's healthy and happy.....BUT...I would really LOVE to have a boy, since I have a girl...But I honestly don't care...If I had a girl, I would have just about everything I need(clothes, carseat etc)...

Alot of people have also asked if I am going to get a 4D ultrasound....I won't be able to get one...My insurance does not cover 4D ultrasounds...(stupid I know)...The only way I would be able to get one is if the doctor, just "so happens" to give me one without letting the insurace company know( which would be a cold day in Hell)...I really want one...SO BAD...We just don't have the money to fork out $500 for a ultrasound...I hope I get at least 2 regualar ultrasounds...With my daughter I only got 20 weeks...:( I do have a VHS tape of her ultrasound though...I love watching it...Thinking about getting a VHS-DVD burner and transfer it to a DVD..

Another thing...I am soooooo emotional....It's insane!!! Me and my hubbs were watching "The Blind Side" last night( which is my favorite movie ever, mostly b/c we live 10 mins from and I was crying every 2 seconds!!! The actor who played Michael Oher just had the saddest looks on his face...It was heartbreaking...I should of known I would cry like a baby...I did when I first seen it...and I wasn't preggo then!!! lol Also, My daughter can say something and it sounds soo cute, I start tearing up!! lol My husband keeps saying" OMG you're soo pregnant Tasha.." LOL

My husband has been such a HUGE help latley!! He is currently washing dishes for me(I didn't even have to ask!!) He knows at the end of the day I am completley exhausted, dealing with Haeleigh and being tired for no reason...I love him so much, I have no idea what I would ever do without him...He is my best friend and my soulmate!! Yeah, sure, he has his flaws, but who doesn't?? I love the fact that he is not "perfect". He is a GREAT daddy and a WONDERFUL husband and friend...People critisize us for only knowing each other 10 months before we got married...But I knew he was "the one"...I was 18 he was 22...People find that hard to believe that people our age could know what love is...but I definatley know what it is...I LOVE YOU WILLIAM!! :)

Ok..So I know I have completley bored you guys to death...sorry :( I am just in a very very talkative

    I will talk to you all later....Have a great day loves!!

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  1. Your blog is great! Wish I had done this with my pregnancy. Good luck with the rest of yours.