Wednesday, January 19, 2011

20 weeks!!!

Hello lovies!!

I am 20 weeks!! WoW!! Can you believe it?!?! I can't!! This pregnancy is flying by!!!

Intense lower back pain that radiates down into my thighs and calves, THEN my but cheeks go numb! ugh I think it's sciatic(sp?) nerve pain...not anything I can do for it.. :(

I've been having some insomnia....I can be soo tired I cant keep my eyes open, but as soon as I lay down in the bed, I'm wide awake...very very annoying...

I've been feeling Rylan kick more's still not alot, but he LOVES kicking my min, I'm fine, the next, I'm about to pee on myself..haha

Belly is getting bigger, so it's a whole lot harder getting comfortable in bed...blehh

super, SUPER emotional...I had a incident today- I'll post the link to the BnB thread so you can see, if you havent already....It really really upset me ( even though I dont think it should have) also me and the husband got into a little spat today...nothing major, just me being super sensitive...ughhh
link to thread:

20 week pic:
it's getting a whole lot rounder...I'm starting to lose that whole "B" look to my belly(before my belly kinda went in right above my belly button, I call it the 'B'

As for weight gain...still nothing...
I was 156 pre-pregnancy....dropped to 139(morning sickness) and I now weigh I "technically" havent truly gained anything...

We bought Rylan's carseat Monday...which was SUPER exciting!!!
We got the Baby Trend Flex-Loc infant carseat in the pattern "All Star"
and I LOVE this carseat!! I cannot wait to finally be able to use it(besides hauling around stuffed panda bears, cause my daughter insists..haha)

Thats about it for this week!! <3 you all!!

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  1. I am soooo jealous of your bump! It's adorable.