Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Ok girlies!!! I am so excited to write this honestly have no idea!!!

I went to the doctor for my 15 week checkup...

Everything looked good...she went to check the baby's hearbeat...and what do you know, she couldn't find it...AGAIN!!

So off to ultrasound I go!!......

Get in ultrasound, and baby is fine, heartrate at 150bpm!!
baby was laying face down, so we were trying to get baby to roll over so we could get a good profile we were trying to get him/her to roll over, she scans down toward the bottom, just looking...when she asks "If I could tell you the gender, would you want to know?" and of course, I am like " YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" haha so she looks for about 10 mins, getting different angles and such...

When she says, I am 95% sure it's a BOY!! ahhh!!!
She told me not to go out and buy blue yet, cause it's still early, but she is pretty positive!!

I've had a gut feeling the entire time it was a boy!! SUPER EXCITED for January 12th to know FOR SURE!!

I am so excited!! I seen the "bits" and I know it's a boy..I just know it!! :D

PICS FROM TODAY(only face pics)

looks like a little alien baby!! haha

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