Wednesday, September 22, 2010

TTC Blog #2

Hey lovies!!

Ok so I am 7dpo...Getting really anxious...I honestly don't think I am pregnant..I'm just waiting on AF to show up...Should be here the 29th..BUT if she doesn't show..well then...HPT for me!!! So I don't really feel pregnant...the only thing really out of the ordinary is I have been feeling these little cramps/twinges in my lower abdomen, which I have never felt before..and another thing is I have had increased CM..I dont ever remember this either, but then again, this is our first month ttc. I'm analyzing everything more closely now..all of this could be in my head...who knows...

So do you guys want to hear something funny?!?!
Today, I am sitting on the couch watching the news, and my 3 year old daughter comes and stand right in front of me and says "mommy boy in belly?" I was floored!! I was like what?!?! She never said it again, but I just thought that was really funny...My husband says he will flip out if I AM pregnant and it IS a boy...bahaha.
Kids say the craziest things huh?

I have been feeling good lately, a little stressed... The main reason why I am stressing is trying to find my daughter a school..So we live in a school district where the schools are rated 1 out of 10(suucckkss) My husband and I both went to this school, and we would live in a cardboard box before sending her to that school, but the school district right next to ours is rated 10 out of 10...It is an amazing school!! Everyhting we want..The problem is, we cant send her to that school district unless we MOVE to that district...ughh..soo stressful!!

Anyway, I will finish this up in a bit, got to go make some supper :) ttyl!!

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