Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So here are my symptoms as of today...

  • 1dpo(9/16)-Really sore ovaries?(feels like I had sex 10 times that day..lol) Hurts in lower abdomen everytime I move...
  • 2dpo(9/17)-Soreness is gone, headache, very bloated feeling.
  • 3dpo(9/18)-Major bloating, heavy feeling, headache, feeling small cramp like pains in lower abdomen.
  • 4dpo(9/19)-Waking in middle of night to use the restroom(very very unusual) feeling small twinges/cramps in lower abdomen(doesn't hurt, just annoying) moody, headache, tired, eating all of my food(rare) runny nose, thinking Im getting sick.
  • 5dpo(9/20)-Feeling wet "down there" (watery CM?) tired more than usual(could sleep all day), cramp like pains continue, still thinks I'm getting sick, sore throat, runny/stuffy nose.
  • 6dpo(9/21)-still feeling wet "down there" (thick, yellowish clear CM), cramp/poke like pains in lower abdomen, super tires, moody, pains on right side of lower back, slight headache, right bb slightly sore(daughter pressed in it, around nipple area, and "OUCH!!", not feeling sick at all today...BFN(I'm a pee on a stick-a-holic...) lol
  • 7dpo(9/22)-As of right now, my only symptom is a increase in CM...
Will keep updating, every day...:)

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