Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11 weeks....

Is sooo amazed at how quickly this pregnancy is going now....I'm already 11 weeks!!! WOW! 
I found out I was pregnant at 10dpo...which has it's pro's/con's......

pro's--Well, duh, I'M PREGNANT!! haha
Con's--It's way early, and I had constant worry if something was wrong...:/

But after my u/s when I was 9 weeks(when I seen my little bug's heartbeat) everything is going way quicker...I guess cause it put my mind at ease :) 

Symptoms at 11 weeks:
Morning Sickness is at it's worse...*sigh*
Light Cramping at night(uterus stretching)
sore sore boobies...they are easing up though..

On the plus side of things....My hair and fingernails are growing like crazy!! My nails have never been this long and strong...they used to grow fairly quickly, but they were really fragile and cracked very easily...

Pic at 11 weeks :)

Another good note: I have 9 weeks until I find out whether we are having a boy/girl!!! I'm soo excited...:))

Haeleigh has been hugging/kissing my belly....and she keeps calling it her "baby sisser" she's convinced it's a girl...haha it's sooo cute :) She is going to be the best big sister ever...I can't wait for her to meet her brother/sister....I already know I am going to cry my eyes out when I see them meet for the first time...shoot, I'm crying just thinking about

I am getting really nervous about the C-section.....I have no idea why...I mean, I've been through it before...I guess I'm nervous about going into labor before June 1st...It's very unlikely, but still nervous about it...:/

Well, as much as I am dreading it(cause of morning sickness) I have to go make my little princess some lunch...=)


  1. I love your bump! I'm dying for mine to come soon...hopefully around Christmas since I'll be almost done my first tri!

    If you don't mind me asking, how did you get through all the fear and worrying these first few weeks? I'm paranoid about every little twinge and cramp even though I've had nothing severe and no bleeding at all. I can't help but worry all the time :(

  2. Thank you!! <3

    And to be honest...I drove myself completley INSANE!! I wayy over analyzed EVERYTHING!! Every symptom, pain, pinch, ache..everything...I seriously made me a nervous wreck!! I finally just told myself to QUIT cause all the stress can't be good on the baby...(it was hard, i still over analyzed everything) but when I went for my 1st dr appt (9weeks) I seen my little booger, and it completley put my mind at ease...I still worry and will until I hold him/her in my arms, THEN it becomes a whole different

    Another thing...Baby and makes you stress even more...I love that site and all the people, but reading about unfortuante misscarriages and all the sad things those women are going through, takes that safety net away from your own pregnancy..ya know what I mean? I NEVER not ONCE, worried at all with my daughter...I didn't have internet back then I really didn't know all of the dangers associated with pregnancy(and me being only Google is your worst

    All I can say, is just relax(easier said than done, I know) Think positive, don;t think of everything negative that could happen, only think about the positives...If you get cramps..etc...if not severe then just make note of it, don't over analyze can seriously drive you mad!!

    Just sit back, and soak it all in...enjoy every single minute of it!!

    I hope this helped...a tiny bit? maybe? If not, I'm sorry, I tried.. :) I pray that everything is okay with your little buggie!! And I pray that in 9 months you will be holding that miracle in your arms...:)