Monday, November 29, 2010

Mom approved....

As some of you may know..My daughter's hair is....well...CRAZY!!

She has some of the longest, thickest, craziest hair I have ever seen on a 3 year old....
I used to dread bathtime, knowing that I would have to fight with her to brush her was a battle...
she has the kind of hair that you can brush it and get all the tangles/knots out and as soon as her hair moves, it's full of tangles again....ugh...horrible...I resorted to putting her hair up in a bun all the time, just so we wouldn't have to fight with it every 10 mins...but then, I was like, If I'm just going to keep it up constantly, I might as well cut it off....NO NO NO!! I am not cutting my babies beautiful hair...everyone would KILL me!! haha (to get a idea on how long her hair is, we can tuck her hair into her

So we were at wal-mart  Saturday, in the shampoo Isle, getting me some shampoo/conditioner(because my husband just LOVES to use all of mine..grr) and I spotted the kids Suave section...I read over all the claims etc, and thought I would give it a try...

We bought the Suave 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner in Wild Watermelon(which smells like heaven!) (pic below)

When I first used this, I could tell a difference RIGHT AWAY!! It made her hair so soft and smooth...I used to use baby shampoo(Johnson&Johnson) and it would leave her hair feeling dry and brittle....but this was totally different!! Just the way it lathered and was awesome!! (i'm kinda jealous..haha) I give this product at 10 out of 10!! It did everything it said..and MORE!! The smell is..well..amazing!! Just like watermelon...yumnm...Seriously want to eat it..haha

Then we bought, the Suave(for kids) Detangling spray..Double dutch apple is the scent..and it smells just like a sour green apple...yummo!!

This is what the bottle says... "Suave Kids Detangling Spray tames the toughest knots, bed-head and flyaways for less that the more expensive brands. This effective formula takes the trouble out of combing and enhances hair's natural softness and shine."

Okay, I read this and HAD to get it....My daughter's hair will be the perfect test!! I could not wait to get home and try this out!!
My thoughts: I love it!!! It does exactly as it says....I doesn't get rid of ALL the tangles, but I doubt any product will do that...I made hair brushing much much easier!! She still cried and said it hurt, but I know it really didn't...I can tell when I am brushing through a tangle...and I wasn't..haha

I love both of these products...They are cheap( $2.00 each I believe) they do what they are supposed to..I am in love with them, and won't use anything else on her hair!! :)

And for a pic of her hair....

Please, Please, PLEASE don't look at my messy living room!! It's a wreck!! haha but this is my baby girls look thin in the pic, but it's soooooooo not!! I wish you guys could just reach in the pic and feel how thick and soft her hair is...You would fall in love!! :)

So yeah, this is my "review" on these products!! I love them!! and I love her ^^^^^^ :)

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