Sunday, November 14, 2010

1st Doctor Appointment!!

On November 5th I had my 1st doctor appointment!! :D


This is my little June-Bug at 9 weeks 2 days!!!

Heartbeat was 179bpm!!  How cute is that^^??? if you look closely, you can see a arm and little finders on the side of his/her head!! soo cute!! :) I am soo in love!!

I did get a Pap-smear...which **OUCH** hurt like a *****!!! And I also have a UTI(Urinary Tract Infection) I had a constant one with my daughter, so the doctor is thinking I will have the same with this pregnancy..yuk! So I have to take anti-biotics every day for the WHOLE pregnancy!! eek! But better safe than sorry huh?!?!

I got back to the doctor November 19th...just to be sure the anti-biotics are working!!
I will update you all then!!

Much love--TashaK!

*****UPDATE***** I forgot to mention..They scheduled my C-section for June 1st 2011!!

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