Monday, November 15, 2010

Cribs...Cribs..and more Cribs!!!

Okay....well we have been looking at might be a little early? I donno...But buying baby stuff makes me HAPPY!! hehe

Crib Set #1...
Comes with Crib(Convertable)....Chest of drawers...Changing Table...and Hamper.. This is personally my Favorite out of the bunch!!

Crib Set #2
This one Comes with Crib, Changing Table, and 3 drawer dresser.....This one is " ehh okay" The only problem I have with it, is that dresser looks awfully small, plus not being any drawers in the Changing Table...maybe I'm just being too critical..?!?

Crib Set #3
This one, is my husband is in love with....(secretly, I think it's because the room is "blue" and he's hoping for a boy) haha But this one comes with Crib, Changing Table and 4 drawer dresser.'m torn...I still LOVE the 1st one...The hubby, not so much....jeeze, How hard is it to agree on a crib?! haha With our daughter, we had this is all new to us...haha

If you would like, comment and tell which one you like :)  All Cribs are found at Babies'R'Us.

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