Wednesday, November 24, 2010

12 weeks!!!

I am 12 weeks today!! woo hoo!!!

One more week until I officially am in the 2nd Trimester!! (some ppl say 13 wks some say 14) I'm just going to say 13!! :D

I honestly cannot believe I am at 12 weeks already!! the past 4 weeks have FLOWN by!!

Just to think...8 more weeks and I find out if I'm having a baby boy or a baby girl!! yippie :)

Morning sickness is still pretty bad..ugh..I HAVE to eat something every 30 mins...if I do that, I feel okay...but eating something every 30 mins gets annoying...I mean..really annoying..

My boobs are back to being really sore again...I found this out yesterday when my baby girl gave me a BIG HUG....ouch!! and this might me TMI, but I have these bright blue veins showing on my bobbies looks rather odd..haha

Also having ligament pains again....everytime I sneeze, cough, laugh, move quickly, I get these sharp pains around my lower abdomen...I'm pretty positive it's my uterus growing and stretching...but still kinda freaks me out....

That's pretty much all for week 12!!
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)
Love, TashaK <3

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