Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is soo over it!!!

Dear Morning Sickness,

            Hi...It's Tasha...I have something I need to say to you....GO TO HELL!! 
                                                                      Thanks, Tasha

This morning sickness is seriously about to kill me....I can't eat, can't drink, I can't even think about eating or drinking...the doctors gave me anti-nausea pills, but they don't freakin work!! AHHHH!! I want to scream...I want to lay in bed ALL day and sleep, because if I am asleep, I am NOT sick...BUUTT, I can't do that..I have a 3 year old who counts/depends on me...Having to make her lunch is the hardest part of my day....I can't even walk in my kitchen with out spewing...I will be 11 weeks tomorrow and my morning sickness is at it's worse....as they say, "it gets worse before it gets better"...well I don't like it!! I just want to eat...and drink...and go 5 mins without feeling like I'm going to blow...I know, I know..It will be all worth it in the end, and yes it will, but that doesn't make me feel better right NOW!! 

I can't even stand the smell of my husband anymore...either his body wash, deodorant or colonge(or all 3) drives me CRAZY!! YUK YUK YUK!! His feelings are hurt cause I don't cuddle or hug him anymore...he just doesn't realize that I seriously...CAN'T...I know it will get better but he doesn't seem to think so...bless his heart...

As the saying goes..."I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.." 

But thank God my hubby is off today, because Northern Mississippi decided to get 18mllion inches of rain(not literally, but close) so he had lunch duty today...but I know I'll have it tomorrow..:( It makes me feel sooooo bad that I dread making my daughter lunch...:'(

But my rant is all over now...feels as if I'm going to be sick....ugh.

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  1. I hope your morning sickness gets better soon! :) Mine just started this morning and I'm just about 5 and 1/2 weeks...odd thing is, I actually prayed I'd get it haha and now I have no idea why!!