Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving,Birthdays and morning sickness....

Hey beautiful ladies!! :)

So Monday(22nd) is my 22nd birthday!!  Oh yeah I'm turning 22 on the 22nd...haha Normally I am soo excited about my birthday...but this year...not so much...and I have no idea why...Maybe it's because I'll be 22...maybe it's because I know I'll feel like crap...who knows...BUT on the other hand...I am getting maternity clothes for my birthday...(which I'm so excited about) haha It's weird that I'm excited to buy "fat clothes"(not really "fat" but that's what I call them) but not excited about my birthday..

Thanksgiving is coming up..which is one of my favorite holiday's...Christmas is #1 :) BUT I'm dreading that also...Because I know I will feel all nauseated and not be able to eat any of the GREAT food...(dressing and cranberry sauce..omg my fav!!) I am also DREADING thanksgiving...We have to spend it with so much family...
#1-My mother-in-law and father-in-law and all of my husbands family..(who live next door)
#2-My dad and step-mother-who live 2 hours away..(long drive)
#3-My mom, stepdad,(who live 5 hours away and are driving up) and my brother and sister-in-law-who live an hour away..

It seems as if all we will be doing is driving on Thanksgiving(which will surely make my m/s worse....ugh..but you gotta do what ya gotta do...I guess...

I can't wait to see all my family though....Haven't seen them in a while(since I've been pregnant) that should be exciting :) 

RANDOM NOTE: Haeleigh is singing "I love you" the Barney song...haha so cute..when she is done singing, she bows and says "KANK YOU" haha soo freakin adorable.. :)


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